Kim Kardashian ‘lost any interest’ in fashion game after split from Kanye West


Kim Kardashian is seemingly no longer interested in keeping up with her is fashion game.

Celebrity style expert Amanda Sanders told The Sun that The Kardashians star has been seemingly dressing up in the same old style repeatedly after her split from Kanye West and Balenciaga backlash.

“Balenciaga and Kanye are not there anymore so Kim’s been wearing crop tops and showing off how tiny her middle is,” the expert said.

“It’s all tomboyish, very young and sporty and like the old Jennifer Lopez who’d embraced that whole sort of street style as Jenny from the Block.

“Before now Kim’s outfits were well thought out, she was styled and very pulled together. Now it appears that Kim’s throwing on a hodgepodge of things without a second thought and like a pop star from the 90s.”

“Kim was very outspoken about Kanye dressing her after they met and that she had also struggled with fashion help in the past, ” explained Amanda.

“When they split up if she hadn’t had some sort of guidance from some of these large fashion brands that had started to dress her, she’d be a little lost,” she added.

“Now it seems as if Kim’s also lost any interest in being so pulled together and she doesn’t want to think too much.

“Kim’s been out wearing the same type of outfits over the last few weeks because it’s easier, it’s a throwback and it’s distancing herself from Balenciaga.”


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