Nukkad’s Khopdi Sameer Khakhar’s wife didn’t return with him from America, when he wanted to restart his career – Exclusive


That’s true- just what you read in the headline. And we at ETimes TV bring it to you FIRST and EXCLUSIVE. We have it that the much-married Sameer Khakhar aka Khopdi of ‘Nukkad’ (an extremely popular serial telecast on Doordarshan in 1986-87) was alone in India trying to revive his acting career, his passion for acting having not waned. Sameer and his wife had shifted to the US but Sameer was in India since the past few years trying to make further inroads into acting.
Confirming the same, Sameer’s younger brother Ganesh who lit the pyre this morning, when contacted, said that Sameer and his had shifted to the US in mid-90s and Sameer thereafter started working in a bank. “He was good at softwares,” Ganesh revealed. “After that he and his wife came back to India sometime in 2008-2009, but after a few years, they again returned to the US. Four years after that, Sameer again came to India; he wanted to act again.”

But Ganesh claimed that his brother and sister-in-law had not parted ways as one of our sources had heard. Ganesh got a tad irritated at the straight-forward question posed to him in that regard and said, “Sameer and his wife had not parted ways. They were together. But yes, his wife hadn’t come with him after their last stay in the US. Now, this is going too far. Ho gaya aapka?” and Ganesh hung up.
In the interim, we had asked Ganesh about Sameer’s sudden demise. Ganesh said, “He experienced some respiratory issue and we called the doctor. He was not responding. He was unconscious. I think his blood pressure had gone too low. We took him to MM Hospital in Borivli where his heart started to develop a problem, and then he stopped passing urine which was accompanied by kidney failure,”” and he added, “At the hospital, Sameer was on a ventilator. He passed away at 4:30 am, this morning (March 15).”

Did he have any history of any health issues? “Not really. He just had a little high BP problem,” Ganesh said.

Why did Sameer go away to the US in the first place, we’d asked? Ganesh revealed that Sameer was getting roles that would typecast him. Were most of the offers driving him to play the drunkard Khopdi again? Pat came the reply, “Yes”. Was Sameer financially okay? Ganesh replied in the affirmative again.

And for those who’ve come in late, Sameer was last seen in the Shahid Kapoor-led series ‘Farzi’! Yes, did you miss him in that show? Or did you not recognise him? See it again then!


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