Professional travel advisor career info session set Jan. 11


With the onset of the internet and the mind-set of do-it-yourself travelers, the profession of being a travel advisor aka travel agent was predicted by many to be a dying industry.

However, Accent on Travel owner Annette Nero Stellhorn will attest that nothing could be further from the truth. To entice those looking for a new long-term vocation, Accent on Travel will host a complimentary small-group presentation for those seriously interested in a rewarding career as a professional travel advisor. A Day in the Life of a Professional Travel Advisor is set for 6 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 11, at Kings Creek Country Club, with questions and answers to follow the program. Seating is limited. To RSVP,  contact Amanda Wobeter at 302-703-0126 or

Stellhorn said, “For most people, it is hard to fathom selling and managing over a million dollars of travel products every month. But that is exactly what is happening at Accent on Travel. We were already increasing our client base in double digits prior to the pandemic, but now, with travelers weary of dealing with the hassles of managing their own travel, saving little or no money, travel professionals are doing more and more of the travel components for our existing clients and new ones coming to us daily.

“Our industry is in growth mode. 2019 was the best year ever for travel companies, and we surpassed that before the fall even began in 2022. Even though we kept our team at the same size and even hired during the pandemic, expecting the business to come back, we are still in need of staff, both new to the industry and those experienced travel professionals looking for growth career moves,” said Stellhorn.

“Booking your own trip or the trip for a few friends or relatives might allow you to have some wrinkles that only a professional would have known to correct ahead of time. But, when you get paid to consult, reserve and manage that same trip, the expectations and results are quite a bit higher. That’s why our vetting process for new team members includes not only looking for those who can speak of travel experiences with confidence after their own training, but also those who have a sincere desire to help people be happy, hold a deep curiosity and respect for our world, like a team-style work environment, are social by nature in their community, are quick learners and have the stick-with-it work ethic.,” she said.

“Yes, the lifestyle can be amazing. I started at age 29, and after being an advisor for over 33 years, I have no regrets. The feeling of fulfillment in my job is overwhelming some days and has overflowed into my personal life, making a positive and long-term impact on my family’s lives. It can take a few years of working full time for a travel advisor to be highly proficient, but even our directors of first impressions who answer the phones and assist our certified travel advisors enjoy that sense of fulfillment every time a guest returns saying it was their best travel experience ever. That’s enough of an initiative to plow through additional training about the world we live in and the best travel opportunities out there. The learning as a professional travel advisor or cruise consultant continues for a lifetime,” Stellhorn said.


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