Shark Tank India 2: Namita Thapar slams a founder for promoting unhealthy ways of weight loss; says, ‘Log yeh sab gimmicky cheezein…’


The upcoming episode of Shark Tank India 2 will see Namita Thapar slamming the founder of a weight loss company for her business pitch.
The promo shows Shikha Aggarwal telling Sharks about her ‘unique concept’ that results in weight loss without exercising. She asks for their mentorship and Rs. 20 lakhs for 1 percent equity.

She says, “When I was fat, I had low energy and confidence. With diet, you can have soups and salads, and I am a mother, you also have a busy schedule. So it wasn’t possible. I was studying diet and nutrition along with which I started following this unique concept and the result is here. I lost weight without exercise.”

While ‘Shark’ Aman Gupta is impressed with her energy and Vineeta Singh praises her by saying, “Aap sach mein bahot dhamakedaar ho (You are quite a powerhouse),” judge Namita Thapar is unimpressed.

Having faced weight issues herself, Namita disapproves of Shikha’s concept and the use of the word ‘restart’.

She tells her, “Yeh jo aapne word use kiya hai na ‘restart’, isi mein problem hai. … Let’s spread the message ki weight loss ek lifestyle change se hota hai… aur hum diabetes capital, blood pressure capital ban rahe hain because log ye sab gimmicky cheese kar rahe hain aur apne health ke saath mess kar rahe hain. thoda sa, I am sorry but angry jaise aa jata hai. I think we need to stop misguiding the country for that my reason is out. (My main issue is with the word ‘restart’ that you have used. I do not fundamentally agree with what you are saying, that there should be no exercise, we should restart, etc. Weight loss happens due to lifestyle changes, and if our nation is becoming diabetes and blood pressure capital, it is because we are engaging in these gimmicks and playing with our health).

In a podcast with author Chetan Bhagat, Namita had talked about her emotional eating disorder and how she was bullied in school for being ‘moti’ and a ‘moustache girl’.

She had shared, “I was very overweight. I had a lot of facial hair and acne. I was body shamed a lot as a teenager. I can’t share how much I weighed, it was a lot. No guy looked at me. When you are body shamed to that extent as a teenager, it leaves a lot of scars.”


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