The 6 Best 2023 Trends, According to Fashion Editors


As we wrap up 2022, we’re naturally reflecting on the best moments in fashion from this year—from the trends and brands that mattered most to the best shopping finds we’ve personally added to our closets. We’re also thinking forward to where style is headed in 2023 and how that will inevitably shape our wardrobes in the coming months and the pieces we plan on wearing. Curious to find out the perspective of Who What Wear editors, I asked our team to weigh in about the trends they’re buying first next year.

As it turns out, our fashion editors are planning to test-drive a wide range of fashion trends that mirror what unfolded on the spring/summer 2023 runways. From eye-catching sequins and directional low-rise trousers to pared-back, ’90s-inspired dresses and sleek duster coats, get a preview into the best 2023 fashion trendsaccording to Who What Wear editors—beginning with the pieces sitting in this editor’s cart.


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