Travel Research Reveals 10 Best-Performing Cities Of 2022


UK-based market research company Euromonitor releases an annual report of the performance of the world’s most visited cities. Euromonitor International’s Top 100 City Destinations Index 2022 compares cities across six categories to uncover the top cities.

These categories include tourism policy and performance, sustainability, infrastructure, health and safety, and economic performance with eight out of the top 10 cities being in Europe.

For the second year running, Paris tops the list, and the two non-European cities in the top ten are Dubai and New York.

The 10 City Destinations Index were ranked as follows:

  1. Paris
  2. Dubai
  3. Amsterdam
  4. Madrid
  5. Rome
  6. London
  7. Munich
  8. Berlin
  9. Barcelona
  10. New York


Europe still had a stronghold in the rest of the top 100 index with Italy (six cities), Spain (five cities) and Greece (four cities) leading European countries for the number of cities featured.

40 European cities, 18 American cities, 26 Asian cities and 14 destinations from the Middle East and Africa feature in the Top 100 City Destinations Index.

Tourists in Paris

Data was also compiled to list the top 10 cities best for sustainability as well as the top 10 cities best for economic and business opportunities.

2022 was a rebound year for travel in the travel sector thanks to the removal of quarantine and other restrictions in many regions. Along with people looking to make up for last time traveling, cities are looking at innovation and high-revenue driven segments to lure tourists to visit.

Sustainability is and will continue to be front and center for urban development as the mindset around tourism is shifting to one more mindful and responsible.

The current state of the global market has increased pressure on cities to improve efficiency and support smart urban development. The post-pandemic period is one of flux and but one thing is for certain is that the tourism infrastructure is growing and getting smarter thanks to technological advancement and increased investment.


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