4 Travel Mugs Perfect For On The Go


Travel mugs and tumblers are essential for ensuring you stay hydrated while jaunting around the world.

Traveling with the right accessories means the difference between being prepared and spending unexpected funds to get what you need. When packing essentials for a trip, most people immediately think of their coveted neck pillow or the tech gadgets they can’t live without, but what about your travel hydration game plan?

Airplanes are notorious for having lower humidity levels due to their controlled environment. According to the Center for Family Medicineplanes have less than half the level of humidity than typical everyday environments. That means, we’re more susceptible to dehydration and airborne viruses, while also experiencing symptoms like fatigue and dizziness.

And that’s just on the plane.

No matter if you’re taking a quick getaway or living as a digital nomad full-time, every new destination comes with its own fair share of environmental differences. From high altitudes to dry climates, having a drinking apparatus handy can help you regulate your energy levels and keep your immune system working properly.

Upgrade your hydration game with one of our picks for your next travel mug or tumbler buy.

yeti rambler travel bottle
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YETI has a reputation for its long-lasting temperature-sustaining features. This is why we love this water bottle for hydrating while traveling and added it to our travel mugs list. The YETI Rambler’s design includes a triple haul handle for easy carrying. Or, it can be easily attached to your backpack while hiking through the airport or on your next mountain challenge.

This double-wall, vacuum-insulated water bottle can withstand both hot and cold beverages and keeps them cold or hot until your last sip. And because YETI products are built to last, that means no fading, peeling, or cracking, all of which are very real possibilities while on the go.

Effortlessly holding a 4.8 rating with more than 23,000 reviews, the YETI rambler is available in 22 colors to coordinate with your travel gear.

Stanley Classic Easy-Pour Growler (64 oz)

Stanley growler travel mug
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For the travelers among us who are mindful of their daily intake, the Stanley Classic Easy-Pour Growler holds 64 ounces of liquid to keep you going. This pick promises to not deliver that weird after-taste like some other bottles with its steel inner lid containing zero plastic. Your cold and carbonated drinks will stay cool for up to 24 hours. Doubling as a thermos, you can also store coffee, tea, or soup for up to 18 hours.

What we love most about this growler is the design’s leak-proof lid. All our hiking, camping, and overall outdoorsy readers, we thought of you on this one!

As another highly-rated option, the Stanley brand also offers a lifetime warranty, which means they stand behind their travel mugs and we love to see it.

Ocean Leakproof Stainless Steel Bottle (1L)

Ocean Bottle travel mug
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If form and function are important to you, you’ll love the eco-friendly Ocean Bottle. Holding approximately 33.8 ounces, the Ocean Bottle has a dual opening for easy drinking and a 180° twist anti-leak lid. In simpler terms, that means your water, juices, teas, and smoothies are safe and sound to make the journey with you.

Unlike others on the market, the Ocean Bottle is dishwasher safe, although you may find yourself in a city where you won’t have access to one. Nonetheless, when you’re at home or in a location that does, that’s one less thing to worry about.

Available in six colors, our favorites are the signature ocean blue and sun orange. Ocean Bottle also has a no-condensation design which means your drinks don’t have to sweat even if you do.

And for our earth-conscious friends out there, you’ll love the fact that every Ocean Bottle funds the collection of 1,000 plastic bottles before they enter the ocean. That sounds like a win for you and the beautiful planet we get to call home.

Thermos Hand-Warming Smart Water Bottle

Lykka smart hand-warming bottle
Photo Credit: Amazon

The final recommendation in this round-up is a crafty thermos with a unique design and features. Lykka’s smart hand-warming water bottle can hold more than just water. This thermos has heat exchange technology that allows Lykka Smart Mug to release heat or cooling by shaking it. Likewise, this smart tech travel find can keep both your coffee and hands warm, a clutch option for your next cold weather trip.

Skip the two-handed fumble of other travel bottles with this one-hand open traveler’s lid. In addition to a leak-proof lid and anti-slip base, this mug keeps beverages hot for six hours and cold for up to twenty hours.

Tech gadget lovers, we see you.

Cheers to staying hydrated and prepared with one of these travel mugs, my friends!

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