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NEW DELHI: Police on Tuesday filed the charge sheet in the Shraddha Walkar murder casecharging her live-in partner, Aftab Poonawala, with murder and destruction of evidence.
Aaftab, who has not been charged with criminal conspiracy, had killed Shraddha because the passion between the two had diminished and Aaftab wanted to be rid of her, Delhi Police sources say.
The 6,629-page initial chargesheet says that Aftab, 28, and Shraddha, 27, had a fight on their ‘anniversary’ (the day they had first met) on May 17, 2022, after which she stayed the night in the house of a male friend she had met on a dating app. Aftab killed her the following day when she returned home.
Police invoked Section 201 of the Indian Penal Code dealing with destruction of evidence to describe Aftab’s grotesque act of dismembering the body of his partner into 18-24 pieces, storing them in the refrigerator for months and disposing of them at various locations.
Tuesday’s was the initial chargesheet. Filed two weeks before the deadline, it meets the requirement for police to file charges within three months of the arrest of a person. A supplementary report will be filed by next month.
Putting on record the recovery of 18 pieces of the victim’s body, all confirmed by forensic and other advanced tests to belong to Shraddha, police have backed their claims of murder with circumstantial and technical evidence. While the DNA and mitochondrial tests confirmed the murdered woman to be the missing Shraddha, there were anomalies in communication patterns that indicated Aftab’s complicity, things like change from the usual order of meals for two persons to one on food apps after Shraddha’s disappearance, Google locations, CCTV footage, call locations and other technical details.
Layered voice analysis tests also confirmed Aaftab’s voice in some telephonic recordings of Shraddha. Her complaint to Mumbai Police about Aaftab’s threat that he would chop her body into pieces has been duly recorded in the chargesheet.
A total of 182 witnesses were examined and their statements recorded, among them the male friend who Shraddha went to meet, her family members, friends, her former work manager, the couple’s common friend Badri, the hardware shop owner who sold him the cutting implements, the electronic shop from where Aaftab purchase the refrigerator and the woman who met Aaftab at his residence after Shraddha’s murder. Shraddha’s conversations with her former work manager where she speaks about Aaftab assaulting her was part of the investigation and is mentioned in the chargesheet.
As per the chargesheet, Aaftab used several implements to chop the body, including a knife, scissors and a saw. While police recovered some of them, they found no trace of blood on them. However, the narco analysis and polygraph test reports were in line with the police investigation and there was enough circumstantial evidence to establish that he had murdered his partner.
His GPS locations showed him present at the place of murder — his rented flat in Chhatarpur Pahadi. The cops recovered CCTV footage from Chhatarpur Pahadi and Gurgaon showing the accused leaving his residence with a bag in early hours, allegedly to dispose of the victim’s body pieces. DNA and mitochondrial DNA reports confirmed that the bones recovered from the forested area in south Delhi were a match with those of Shraddha’s father and brother.
The gory murder came to light on November 8, 2022, when the Manikpur police in Maharashtra published details of a missing woman. On November 9, a report on a missing woman was registered at Mehrauli police station in Delhi. A day later, an FIR was registered regarding the abduction of Shraddha, based on the statement made by her father at the Mehrauli police station. Acting quickly, Delhi Police arrested Aaftab on November 11 last year. To follow up the sensational murder case, the cops formed a special investigation team with nine groups. They went to Himachal Pradesh, Maharashtra, Gurgaon, Haryana and Delhi in pursuit of clinching evidence against the accused.


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