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NEW DELHI: A day after JDU leader Nitish Kumar sought Congress’s green signal to start corralling opposition parties in a camp, Congress tersely said it needs no reminding about its lead role in forging the anti-BJP unity, and that it has already taken steps towards bringing disparate parties on a common platform, the Bharat Jodo Yatra and the parliamentary joint strategy sessions on the Adani scandal in the ongoing Budget session being prominent steps in that direction. Congress also warned against “two-faced parties” which proclaim commitment to the opposition, but play footsie with BJP.
Stressing its allegiance to the issue, Congress on Sunday announced that the Raipur plenary session next week will discuss the policy and its nitty gritties regarding the creation of a united bloc, as it appeared that Kumar’s public remark at a multi-party platform in Patna has granted a pan-political immediacy to what was an obvious agenda item of the once-in-five-years AICC brainstorming jamboree.

Amid Nitish Kumar's call for grand Opposition unity, Congress leaders remain non-committal

Amid Nitish Kumar’s call for grand Opposition unity, Congress leaders remain non-committal

But as a power-packed Congress team of general secretaries KC Venugopal, Jairam Ramesh, Tariq Anwar and Kumari Selja, at a press conference, wholeheartedly welcomed Nitish’s suggestion, the party also took a swipe at him by saying, “Nobody needs to give a certificate to Congress that it has to take a lead in opposition unity, as we know that any opposition platform without Congress will be unsuccessful. Without Congress, a strong opposition unity is impossible.”
On the ticklish subject intently watched by political players, Congress’s reciprocation to Kumar came with subtle jibes. The party’s underlining of its efforts to cobble unity through parliamentary strategy on the Adani row and the Bharat Jodo Yatra appeared pointed at the Bihar CM. Not only did Kumar’s party stay away from the nationwide Yatra which was joined by many other partners over four months, the JD(U) has appeared to be vibing with Congress-allergic Trinamool Congress at the leadership level.

Uniting Opposition main aim of Congress says KC Venugopal ahead of Congress’ Plenary session

Uniting Opposition main aim of Congress says KC Venugopal ahead of Congress’ Plenary session

In what was an unnamed attack at the TMC, Ramesh warned against “two-faced parties” which “attend the parliamentary strategy meetings of Mallikarjun Khargebut take actions that favour BJP… these parties did not accept the demand for a JPC (joint parliamentary committee) probe on Adani, and advocated a SC inquiry, which was a political step to provide an escape route to the PM”.
While Congress appeared uneasy that Kumar’s remark suggested that the party was not alive to its responsibility of creating partnership to take on the Modi-led BJP in 2024, there was obvious glee that the Bihar satrap had willy nilly accepted the criticality of Congress in the opposition camp, which has found resistance from regional players like BRS, TMC, AAP, SP, BSP, and even sections of CPM.


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