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House of Blueberrya digital fashion house in the metaverse that has sold more than 20 million digital assets across various platforms like Roblox and The Sims has raised $6 million in seed funding to grow its digital fashion business in the metaverse and interactive entertainment.

The seed round was led by Makers Fund and the digital fashion house will use its newly secured fund to expand partnerships with new games as well as online worlds in order to reach a broader audience.

Mishi McDuff, founder of House of Blueberry said, “Our ultimate vision is to become the largest digital fashion house in the world. While it’s still early days, we are proud of the foundation we have already built and we’re thrilled about partnering with interactive entertainment experts at Makers Fund and about having more firepower to continue building authentically for and with our community, to power creative, aesthetic and aspirational self-expression on any digital platform where it matters.”

House of Blueberry aims to provide users with the next level of self-expression for creators, digital denizens and players. The company has also created a brand in an emerging space with a significant opportunity.

“Over 62 million [items of] clothes and accessories were created by players on Roblox alone in 2022,” said Lia Zhang, investor at Makers Fund. “The numbers have been rapidly increasing every year and we’re starting to see more games and platforms understand the importance of user-generated content.”

The company catapulted its way into the digital fashion world by collaborating with brands like Natori and Boy Meets Girl to debut their first virtual collections which will see Jonathan Simkhai launch the first Metaverse Fashion Week with Broadway’s Dear Evan Hansen creating digital versions of the show’s blue polo.

Zhang added, “We believe that as many of the top games and virtual worlds have become social networks, it’s more important than ever to offer customizability for our characters as they represent our digital identities. We share Blueberry’s vision that digital fashion and custom design are at the heart of online self-expression, and are excited to support Mishi and her team as they explore new aesthetics and expand into additional platforms and communities.”

Apart from securing new partnerships, House of Blueberry will also use this round of funding to accelerate growth to new communities and extend into new games and online platforms.

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