Men’s Fashion Week 2023 highlights: Dolce & Gabbana and Fendi ready to party in Milan


Leather harnesses and utility belts added an edge. Pouches are belted on top of boots. Mirrored aviator glasses complete the look.

Armani, 88, good-humouredly picked up a pouch that had dropped from a model as he greeted the crowd at the end of the show.


The Fendi collection for next winter flashes skin in ways once reserved for women.

One shoulder tops both knit and button down bare skin to give sexy drama to the looks. Knitwear was super sheer, barely there. A little layering restored some modesty, for the office, but could easily be undone for an evening transition.

Long coats incorporated a wrap-around asymmetrical cape, a tailoring trick mimicked in trousers with a wraparound one-sided skirt. The effect was cozy and enveloping, offering a cocoon as we venture back out into the world.


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