John Lobb’s ‘Cannon’ sneakers are an exercise in minimalism


John Lobb might be known for the refined classicism of its signature leather brogues and Oxfords, but a recent focus on the sneaker sees the British shoemaker bring its century-and-a-half expertise to sportier terrain. Among the new styles – made using the same intricate 190-step process as any other pair of John Lobb shoes – are the Foundry sneaker, in-part inspired by a pair of classic sport Derbys from the 1920s, and the Dover, with smooth, undulating lines and hidden ghillie laces. Each seems to encapsulate John Lobb’s aim ‘to equip its wearer for a lifetime in movement’, a maxim inspired by the namesake founder’s own 1851 journey on foot from the Cornish coastline to London (by 1863, the young Lobb was creating footwear for the Prince of Wales, before opening a bespoke atelier on Regent Street in 1866).

The slip-on Cannon sneaker with elastic fastening, a recent addition for A/W 2022, takes a similarly ergonomic approach. Built from the last and sole of the Foundry sneaker – here updated with an all-leather spoiler and discrete John Lobb logo on the back tab – the upper’s sleek, minimal design is a demonstration of the brand’s expertise in leathercraft (indeed, the effortless design belies the several days it takes to create each pair). The Cannon was made with comfort and performance in mind, though cross-country treks or days spent on foot are not a requirement of wear – you’ll derive just as much satisfaction from the way these sneakers look.


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