New Travel Survey Reveals Plans Of Americans For 2023


A new survey conducted by Adventure.Travel exposed that Americans are eager to explore the world in the new year.

In partnership with World Nomadsan adventure travel insurance provider, the survey of 500 travelers showed that not only do 94 percent have plans to travel in 2023, but 93 percent plan to take two or more trips next year.

Adventure.Travel, a division of the Adventure Travel Trade Association, further broke down the locations of where these 500 respondents are planning to travel.

  1. 65 percent will travel domestically
  2. 52 percent plan to visit Europe
  3. 19 percent to Asia
  4. 19 percent to South America
  5. 15 percent to Mexico

While there is a growing urge to go out and explore and make up for lost time, sixty-seven percent are wary of the cost and money they will spend on trips. Two other key factors which were highlighted were the availability of locally owned restaurants and accommodations (50 percent) and the ability to walk or bike (44 percent).

Christina Tunnah, general manager of marketing and brands, World Nomads was quoted saying that Americans are planning “long-haul and off-the-beaten path destinations” and that there is a “trend in more urban, international destinations in the coming year.”

This can be shown in the data:

  • 70 percent of Americans would like to explore a destination
  • 46 percent want to see wildlife up close
  • 31 percent want to immerse themselves in a new culture
  • 20 percent identified adventure and outdoor thrill-seeking activities as the main reasons for traveling

But these travelers are still cautions and these are the main concerns, below, leading 76 percent to buy travel insurance.

  1. 54 percent over environmental concerns
  2. 34 percent over global economic instability
  3. 30 percent over COVID-19 resurging


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